How to Beat the Belly Bloat Detox & Weight Loss Program

Shed 5 pounds in 11 days just by doing 1 thing... cleansing your body naturally. Removing toxins that lead to hormonal imbalances, weight gain, and brain fog.

It is time to reset your body. It is time to change the way you look and feel. SAY GOODBYE to belly bloat, fatigue, constipation and hello to happiness. 

Regardless of your age, you DESERVE to feel immensely sexy and radiant every day of the year (and I will make it happen for you).

A personalized detox & weight loss approach for faster results.

 So if you're fed up with covering up you body..

 If you're taunted by the extra jiggle around your middle...

 If you cower away from any garment that sneaks above your knees and puts your cellulite on public display...

 If hormonal imbalance has left you feeling sour...

 If chronic fatigue, bloating and extra pounds are weighing you down...

 I'm going to let you in on a little (actually a really monumental) secret...

You can eliminate all of those things from your life by making ONE big change, and it will only take you 11 days.

By doing this one thing, you’ll:

> Naturally melt 5 pounds from your frame

> Shave inches off your waistline by diminishing belly bloat

> Begin to erase cellulite from problematic areas without expensive creams or procedures

> Jumpstart renewed gut health and eliminate digestive issues such as 

indigestion, inflammation, stomach aches, constipation and heartburn

> Combat adrenal fatigue and gain immediate access to a 100% natural supply of energy

> Put a complete stop to sugar cravings that sabotage your plans for a healthier lifestyle

Doesn’t that sound absolutely divine? Here’s the scoop…

One tiny word has one extra-large impact on your health…and that word is toxins.

I know what you’re thinking—Toxins? Sure, my body may be a little toxic from not eating my best 24/7, but there’s no way it’s causing all of my problems.

The truth is—the majority of the population suffers from extreme toxicity.

Toxins are harmful chemicals that create all sorts of health issues and unwanted side effects, including the extra weight you can’t shake, constant bloating, endless fatigue, painful constipation, unpleasant inflammation and yes, even dreaded cellulite (cellulite equals toxins trapped in fat cells). 

On a daily basis, your body is blasted with over two million toxins! They are in the foods you eat, the cosmetics you apply, the perfumes you wear, the medicine you take—and even the air you breath! 

But what if I told you I have the perfect solution for you—a completely natural solution that will breathe new life into your body, awaken your spirit and elevate your life?

Introducing the "How to Beat the Belly Bloat Detox & Weight loss Program" for ONLY $37!!!!!!

Belly Bloat Guide

Your outline and guide to the program.


Delicious and healthy recipes for every day.

At a Glance

An overview of what to expect during your journey.

Suggested Meals and Shopping List

Make shopping and following the program easy with personalized shopping lists and suggested daily meals.

Plus 6 Bonus Handouts

A simple yet outrageously effective 11-day whole foods detox program, designed by a physician turned holistic doctor, that will rebuild your body from the inside out and make you feel like a brand new woman.

This purpose of this program is to:

• Detoxify your body on a cellular level (think of it as a deep scrubbing of your cells) and restore the optimal functioning of your organs

• Teach you how simple it is to integrate a whole foods diet into your hectic lifestyle

• Uncover hidden and dangerous food allergies you don’t even realize you suffer from using the concept of the elimination diet (hint—it’s not a diet at all)

• Reveal how to intuitively listen to your body’s distress signals so you can respond accordingly and give your body what it’s asking for

• Show you how to wash away stress, worry, anxiety and fatigue, and bring your body back into a state of peace and balance

I know what you're thinking-you've tried it all before. The diets, pills, shakes,exercises, meal replacement bars, etc., etc.

Even if you lose a few pounds, the results don’t stick!

What’s worse, most of those options are loaded with chemicals and supply your body with zero nutritional value! Essentially, they starve your body. This leads to toxic overload, weight gain and repeated binge cycles.

It’s time to shatter this horrendous cycle, and the only way you can do that is with this important lifestyle change…

Does the word “detox” make you cringe?

You’re not alone. For so many women, detox is synonymous with deprivation and withdrawal. But here’s the good news—this is the biggest misconception!

Detox is a stepping stone to a larger than life physical, mental and spiritual transformation. 

Think of detox as the bridge that lies between you and the best version of yourself. By walking across the bridge, you begin to reset your health. When you reach the other side, you’ve transformed into a new person…

What detox isn’t:

A fad, diet, trend or gimmick

What detox is:

A lifestyle rife with seasonal whole foods and luxurious self-care

A typical day in detox:

Imagine waking up everyday and feeling more powerful, alive and in control of your life than you’ve ever felt before. Instead of rushing out of bed, you spend a few moments breathing and setting your intentions for the day. You feel a spark in your soul that you haven’t felt in a long time and you haven’t even had a cup of coffee in three days! 

You jump on the scale and realize you didn’t lose any weight since the last check-in, so you grab your measuring tape and measure your waist—1 inch gone in two days!

You relish in feeding your body a delicious and wholesome breakfast, lunch and dinner. You practically feel your cells singing. You feel balanced, confident, peaceful and in-tune with your body because you’ve learned how to slow down, de-stress and positively reframe your mindset.

Rather than reaching for your 2 PM diet soda and vending machine snack, you breeze through the work day on a natural energy high. Your co-workers ask you if you’ve done something differently to your hair. You smile. 

After work, instead of crashing on the couch and indulging in junk television, you choose to feed your body and soul with a brisk walk outside—something you typically don’t have the energy for. Then, you turn on the music and pull your spouse up from the couch to dance with you, and the two of you end up laughing like you haven’t in ages. You feel a warmth in your belly when he smiles at you like he used to do years ago.

You spend an hour before bed indulging in self-care such as essential oils, meditation and skin brushing. You fall asleep easily and take great pleasure in your first peaceful night’s sleep in quite awhile.

I know it sounds like a dream, but this life can be yours just by making a simple choice…

Here’s what you get with How to Beat the Belly Bloat:

• A jam-packed informational Detox Guide that will be your go-to resource for everything detox-related, from support tools to gut health to curbing sugar addictions. 

• A Recipe Guide overflowing with over 50 simple and mouthwatering whole foods recipes that will improve digestion and jumpstart your metabolism. 

11-Days of Suggested Meals + a Shopping List to make your detox experience hassle-free. With my help, trips to the supermarket, and preparing and cooking your meals will be unbelievably simple. 

• An 11-Day At a Glance with breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes laid out for you daily! You’ll never have to question what you’re supposed to be eating or fumble around trying to find the right recipe! 

• A Food Diary to help you reflect on how you’re feeling physically, mentally and emotionally—an important component to uncovering which foods do and do not serve your unique body. 

• Access to a private Facebook group where you can connect with other beautiful women who are on the same journey. 


11 days of support + recipes + program materials worth well over $500, 

It’s time to break free from the chaos and thrive

I’m going to be honest, you are the reason I became a health coach. 

Yes, you!

Your life is too valuable to let diet industry nonsense prevent you from attaining optimal health and wellness.

I used to be the same way too. As a practicing medical doctor, my education and career was solely focused on treating rather than preventing disease. In addition to watching my own patients suffer from debilitating conditions as a result of poor lifestyle choices, I suffered from my own health issues thanks to decades of yo-yo dieting and poor nutrition.

It wasn’t until I discovered the healing power of whole foods, detox and a holistic lifestyle that I was able to reclaim my jeopardized health, lose problematic weight and revive my life.

Since then, I’ve made it my mission to help other women do the same.

So many women don’t realize just how easy clean eating and healthy living are, and it’s my job to show you so you can live an absolutely EPIC life.

I created this program for a few BIG reasons:

1. There’s too much conflicting information out there about what to eat to properly nourish and fuel your body—so I want to set the record straight once and for all.

2. I don’t want to see any more women sabotaging their health with yo-yo dieting.

3. The world needs to know fancy pills or powders aren’t required for a detox—real food will do the trick. I’ve had enough of women throwing their money away on useless detox products.

4. I know how chaotic life can get and how easy it can be to fall into a rut. You deserve a five-star program that’s simple to follow and chock-full of all the recipes and step-by-step instructions you need to make healthy living work for your family.

The How to Beat the Belly Bloat difference:

I promise you this program is unlike anything else you’ve tried before…

This program is virtual, which means you get access to your materials, the group, and my coaching right away, and you can participate from anywhere in the world at your convenience.

This program was created by an MD with over 20+ years of combined experience, so you can rest assured you’re in the care of a professional who has your best interests at heart.

This program lays out every step you need to take daily, so you’re not left in the dark or misguided. You won’t find another detox program that’s as full of information and resources as this program.

This program is community-driven, so you have access to a courageous group of women you can share advice and celebrate success with. Although the program is virtual, you’ll never feel alone.

This program is all you need to purchase to effectively detox, other than the food in your meal plan and any additional detox support tools you choose to use.

Grab this sweet deal for only....$37

Program Starts!

Thursday, September 15th

What's included:

Jam-Packed Informational Detox Guide

11-Day At a Glance

Recipe Guide

Suggested Meals & Shopping List

Food Diary

Bonuses Access to the private Facebook group

Two live calls (detox kick-off and wrap-up)

In How to Beat the Belly Bloat, I connect you to every tool you need to thrive, 

but the commitment is yours to make.

Make this small investment in yourself, devote your energy to the next 11 days, and before you know it, you’ll be able to make the most out of the last few months of summer (and the rest of your entire life).

Let me guide you towards the best version of yourself...

You're worth it.

With love,



Who are you and what experience do you have?

My name is Ilona Berkoben, and I am a medical doctor turned holistic doctor and health coach with over 20+ years of combined experience. I help women take charge of their health by integrating a holistic lifestyle.

I hold a doctorate degree in medicine and a doctorate degree in dermatology from the University of Belgrade School of Medicine in Serbia. I also am a certified health coach through Wellcoaches and Holistic MBA.

How does this work?

• Purchase the program.

• Request access to the exclusive Facebook group.

• Start to read through your program.

• Get outrageously excited because life is about to change in a good way.

• Start to eat clean, uncover your unique health blueprint and transform your body, mind and life!

What is an elimination diet?

Though the name suggests otherwise, an elimination diet is not an actual diet. It is based around the concept of removing foods from your diet and then gradually reintroducing them in order to discover hidden food allergies that may be causing inflammation, leaky gut, digestive issues, bloating, joint pain, headaches, constipation and other unwanted symptoms.

This detox program is divided into three phases: Pre-Detox, Detox and Transition. During the Pre-Detox phase, you’ll prepare your body, mind and kitchen for detox and begin eliminating common allergenic foods. During the Detox phase, you’ll continue removing allergenic foods from your diet and begin integrating a whole foods diet. During the Transition phase of the program, you’ll slowly reintroduce foods and gauge how your body reacts to each. 

By following a detox based around the concept of the elimination diet, you’ll learn which foods pose a threat to and which foods fuel your unique body.

Will this detox help me cut sugar from my diet?

Absolutely—cutting sugar is one of the cornerstones of this program. By properly nourishing and caring for your body, combatting sugar cravings is easier than it’s ever been.

Will I be hungry?

There is no reason you should be hungry on this program. Your Recipe Guide contains over 50 recipes for you to choose from, so in addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes, you can also choose from wholesome snack options to fuel you through your days. You’ll also be well-hydrated during this program, so there is less of a chance you’ll mistake dehydration for hunger and consume unnecessary calories.

Are there any unpleasant side effects?

This depends on how clean your diet is already. Some of my clients consume diets filled with mostly processed foods, so they do experience some unpleasant side effects of detox such as headaches and constipation. These side effects, though unpleasant, are a sign that your body is hard at work pushing out toxins. 

However, I provide you with a wealth of detox tools in this program that will help you minimize any undesirable side effects. Also, as your body acclimates to your new diet, those side effects will disappear.

How much weight will I lose?

My clients typically lose anywhere from 5-10 pounds during this detox, but individual results may vary.

What sorts of food will I be eating?

Clean eating consists mainly of fresh, organic vegetables and fruits, healthy fats, lean proteins and complex carbohydrates. You’ll also be drinking water and herbal teas.

Can I still drink coffee?

During the first phase of the program, you’ll be instructed to gradually decrease your caffeine consumption. In the second phase, caffeine should be completely removed from your diet. However, I provide so many delicious and healthy alternatives to coffee, you won’t even miss it! You’ll still be able to enjoy warm, coffee-like beverages, but you won’t need to depend on the caffeine pick-me-up because you’ll have enough natural energy!

Do I have to give up alcohol?

Yes, you’ll need to remove alcohol from your diet during the 11 days of this program.

Do I need to exercise on this program?

Strenuous exercise is not necessary, but it is recommended that you move your body as often as possible whether it be by going for a walk, dancing to music, roller skating with your spouse, or popping in a yoga DVD. 

Should I check with my doctor first?

As this is a completely natural whole foods-based program, it’s not necessary to check in with your doctor. However, if that makes you feel most comfortable, you’re more than welcome to.

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